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Stress-free buying that suits your fresh flowers needs

Fresh flower arrangements are a staple of any special event. Whether a bridal bouquet or décor and centerpieces, the beauty of flowers has the power to transform ordinary spaces into extraordinary experiences. It can be stressful finding the right source for high quality flowers, that's where we come in.

For over 25 years, Flowerbuyer has worked with more than 200 well-established growers to cultivate the most convenient online wholesale flower buying experience. With a Flowerbuyer account you can choose from hundreds of flower varieties sourced from around the globe and, with multiple ways to buy you can choose how and when your orders are delivered.

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We make buying flowers online fun while saving you money

Our Our Live Auction makes buying fun and is where you’ll find the biggest savings! Customers save up to 30% on average compared to local wholesale flower markets. Auctions run every Monday, Wednesday & Friday at 2pm, giving you plenty of opportunity to cut costs while still receiving the highest-quality flowers available.

Know what you want and need it regularly? Explore our Standing Orders program to get weekly or bi-weekly deliveries right to you in the most cost-effective way.

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Buy the fresh wedding & event flowers you need when you need them

Flowerbuyer customers receive direct shipping on all orders. Shop for the exact flowers you need on our Open Market or use our Buy the Bunch option to mix and match the varieties you need from our extensive library of fresh flowers shipped direct to your door.

Need flowers fast? Not to worry! Our Overnight buying option is the perfect solution when you’re in a pinch. Order the bulk flowers you need in just a few clicks and receive your order at your door as early as the next day!

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We are committed to providing the highest quality flowers from the best growers

Flowerbuyer partners with hundreds of international growers to make sure you are choosing from the best wholesale fresh flowers on the market. Using customer feedback, our growers are rated based on their commitment to quality and customer service. That means you only order wholesale flowers with the depth and quality you and your customers expect.

Still have an issue? Don’t worry, we’ll make it right! Flowerbuyer stands by our 100% quality guarantee.

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Our team of experts is dedicated to your success

We have been delivering high-quality service to thousands of florists and event planners for over 25 years. We are committed to helping our customers succeed and are happy to support your business every step of the way.

Do you have questions or inquiries? Reach out to us by email or phone Monday through Friday. Our dedicated Customer Service Team is ready to help you.

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