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Our Flowers
An example of Gladiolus that Flowerbuyer can supply your business


Although gladiolas have made their most famous appearance at funerals, the new hybrids, and variety of colors have made florists begin to use them in other types of events. Its elongated shape and the blossoms around the stem make this flower unique and irresistible. It is found throughout the year in almost every color except true blue, and the colors may be solid, bi-color, speckled, streaked, or other exotic patterns.

Care Information: Store stems at 33 to 35F (0.5 to 2C). Keep the stems straight and tall by storing them upright to take advantage of the plant's tendency to reach upwards (negative geotropism). Vase life can last between 6 to 10 days.

Production Area: Europe, North America, South America
Storage Temperature: 2 °Celsius = 35.6 °Fahrenheit

Purchase Gladiolus wholesale, in bulk or customize your box by the bunch:

Purchase Gladiolus wholesale, in bulk or customize your box by the bunch: