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Viewing your orders

Log in to your Account and click the Profile dropdown icon in the top right corner of the page. When the dropdown menu appears, click the “Orders” menu option and the My Orders submenu option.

You can see all your pending orders on this page by default. Pending orders have not yet been shipped or invoiced. If you would like to see Past Orders, select the “Past Orders” filter and hit “Apply”.

Tracking your orders

When you place an order, you will be able to track your shipment. There are multiple ways to track your orders:

- Tracking your order from your My Orders Page: Click on any of the “Track” links in the “Track Order” column to track this order. You will be given the tracking number for one or more shipments associated with this order.

- Tracking your order from your Account Dashboard Page: Under the “Shipping Information” area, click the “Track Your Order” link. You will be provided with a list of one or more tracking numbers for your active shipments.

How to redeem your coupons

If you are emailed or given a coupon by a Flowerbuyer team member, you can redeem this coupon on your My Orders page. In order redeem your coupon:

- Purchase your flowers, keeping in mind any minimum purchase requirements or buying methods specified (for example, the coupon may only be valid if you spend a minimum dollar amount on Buy the Bunch only).
- View the My Orders page and enter coupon code at the bottom of the page to save on your flowers!

Minimum order sizes and quantities

All Flowerbuyer orders are shipped in boxes and the minimum required order is one box.

Buy the Bunch is well-suited to smaller order quantities and you are not required to fill a box. However, if you do fill a Buy the Bunch box the package fee of $25 will be waived.

It is advised that you plan shipments for the same delivery date in order to save on shipping fees.

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