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Where do I find my Statement?

Log in to your Account and click the Profile drop-down icon in the top right corner of the page. When the drop-down menu appears, click the Statement menu option.

Outstanding balances

Find your outstanding balances under the “Outstanding” tab on your Statement page.

Your Outstanding page will show unpaid invoices from orders that have been shipped to you. You may select one or more outstanding invoices to pay by using the “Select Item to Pay” selector in the righthand column.

When will I be invoiced?

You will be invoiced for your purchases when they are shipped. Most purchases will be shipped within three to seven days before their arrival date, and you can expect to see your invoice emailed to your or appearing on your Statement page within that timeframe.

Payment is due upon receipt of product. Invoices with an unpaid balance are subject to a late fee.

Statement history

When you pay your invoices, they will be moved to the History tab on the Statement page. The History tab allows you to view your past invoices up to 18 months prior.

You can filter and sort your historical invoices by date and see details such as payment date & type.

Any credits issued back to you from claims will appear under the History tab as well.

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